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SA Rawther offers the complete range of steam sterilized whole and ground spices adhering to international standards. It has employed a state-of-the-art automated German system for effective decontamination of spices. Steam condenses on the product and provides the water activity required for effective sterilization while the steam that condensed on the product surface will protect the product against burning . The overall steam consumption is significantly less than competing technology, resulting in improved product quality, especially in the domain of aromatically rich spices. Injection of less steam into the system lowers the leaching effect of the steam on the surface of the product. The seamless temperature control results in minimal loss of colour, flavor and volatile oils during the sterilization process. The products are sterilized in a zero contaminated environment. The system is fully automated from the drying to packing section thus eliminating any manual handling of product and enabling the delivery of premium quality steam sterilized products. Our capacity for ground and whole spices is 25MTs scalable to 50MTs of steam sterilized products per day.

The steam sterilizing process results in simultaneous reduction of the microbiological load and the ample inactivation of enzymes in spices. Some spices are heavily contaminated with yeasts, moulds, enterobacteriaceae and spore-formers from the soil because of the simple treatments and the drying at low temperatures in the countries of origin. According to the product and the functional and organoleptic specifications, steam sterilization guarantees a 90% to 99.99% reduction of TPC, and a complete deactivation of pathogens (E. Coli, Salmonella), coliforms, yeast, mould, providing safe products whilst maintaining high quality.
Typical results obtained by steam sterilization
TPC <10000 cfu/gm
Enterobacteriaceae <100 cfu/gm
Yeast <100 cfu/gm
Mould <100 cfu/gm
Coli forms <100 cfu/gm
Salmonella <100 cfu/gm
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