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Dehydrated products
Doubletree is SA Rawther’s very own pepper brand. It is the most popular brand of pepper sold in India, being traded in large volumes and available throughout the year. Our TGEB grade of Doubletree is available in most Northern states through our distributors. The goods are processed for top quality and consistent standard is maintained in every lot. Doubletree is mostly offered as 50kg packs, however 30kgs packing is also done upon customer requirements.
  • DoubleTree – Black pepper
    TGEB grade black pepper
    11.5 screen 4.5mm Atom black pepper

  • DoubleTree - White pepper
    Premium natural white pepper
Other brands offered by SA Rawther
  • Heera – Black pepper
    TGEB Grade heavy berries
    Kattapana, 11.5 screen, 4.5mm (ideal for cracking and grinding, it gives
       maximum output)
  • Double parrot-Black pepper
    TGSEB grade black pepper
    11.75 screen, 5.25mm bold black pepper
  • Maharaja-Black pepper
    12 screen, 5.5mm, Extra bold black pepper
  • Metro-Black pepper
    Cleaned, processed black pepper
  • Metro-Dry ginger
    Uniform no.1 quality dry ginger
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