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Dry Ginger Exporter.
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Dehydrated products
We at SA Rawther spices, have successfully captured a leading market share by our high quality products. It is our constant endeavor to ensure that our processes provide you complete satisfaction.

We meet the most stringent government regulations for our products. We ensure that our customers get premium quality goods, with superior packaging, transported by efficient shipping lines, documented, surveyed and certified all the way to ensure a rift free environment. It is our ongoing effort to evaluate and inspect the quality of all products supplied by us to our clients worldwide.

Our documentation meets international standards. Video records for two months production are maintained at our factory. We at SA Rawther, guarantee products that meet microbiological specifications, free from SO2 and aflatoxin2 pesticide.

We offer 20ft containers, 40ft containers and 2lcl cargoes of our products. We ensure that our customers get the correct weights of products through stringent weigh checks of cargoes and containers, before and after loading. All our shipments come with quality guarantees. Shipments followed by schedules help in tracking cargoes. We always cover insurance for cargoes, however we recommend that the buyer also make their own cover.

The consistent and efficient services provided by us have endeared us to our clients and has made us their preferred suppliers. We need your expert suggestion and specific requirements, provided as instructions, in order to meet your exact need starting from shipping marks to user requirement. We are an agile organization to respond to you personally. Your profitability is the measure of our success.
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