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RAWTHER’s COFFEE, a division of SA Rawther Spices (P) Ltd is solely dedicated to the cultivation and processing of coffee, meeting international requirements of coffee varieties and grades. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Robusta and Arabica coffee varieties, our specialty being premium quality Robusta cherry and Plantation coffee. We also export Specialty Coffee and miscellaneous grades with thrust on quality and conforming with international standards. The principal coffees we ship from India are from Coorg, Waynad, Hassan and Chickmaglur. Our affiliate buyers worldwide are large trading houses, corporations, roasters, grinders and importers. Rawther’s Coffee is most sought after for its even-sized beans, elegant appearance, overwhelming taste, longstanding freshness & aroma.

Our large cultivation farms of over 500 acres are located amidst a natural habitat of flora and fauna at the Coorg District in the Western Ghats of India – one of the traditionally best coffee growing areas with conducive climatic factors and rainfall. They are efficiently managed by qualified biologists ensuring a constant supply of high grade products without delays.

Our coffee plant is located in a 4 acre campus in Bangalore with complete facilities for drying, curing, grading, sorting, packaging and storing. At our coffee curing works we process coffee beans from all over India in addition to our own produce. Our processes in coffee are noteworthy as we follow a system of quality selection at the farm level. Each lot of coffee seeds and shell coffee is inspected on farm by our dedicated team, approving coffees that meet our screening and cupping requirements. The selectively picked coffee lots are documented and the shipment recorded to provide foolproof origin tracing. All coffees are cured in the controlled environment of Bangalore. This is primarily because Bangalore is a relatively dry area with low humidity and less exposure to moisture when compared to coffee origins. At our fully automated state-of-the-art coffee curing works, the coffee beans are pulped, naturally fermented, washed, processed and milled with consistency in quality. We have separate units that handle Robusta and Arabica Plantation varieties.

Backed by our modern facilities and specialized equipment managed by a professional team we are able to process 2000 MT’s of coffee every month. A dedicated lab and chemists ensure all physical and cupping parameters are safely met. We also conduct stringent quality checks at cultivation, harvesting, processing, packing & at delivery points to ensure consistency in the quality of coffee produced.

We also have back offices at all four coffee cultivation states of India-Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, for procurement. Our sourcing team ensures that our customers get only the best products passed through stringent quality checks.

Rawther’s Coffee has grown its customer base over the years on reputation for providing the highest standards of quality and service whilst maintaining a competitive pricing policy. It continues to be patronaged by roasters and international buyers all over. Our premium grades are in great demand and bought by well known coffee roasters and export houses. Attention to detail and our vast expertise gained over forty years means customers can be assured of buying the finest product to suit their requirements.
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